“Strengthening Public Awareness and Implementation of Right to Information in Balochistan.”   Its main objective was to raise public awareness about the right to information and its ROBs. It will strengthen public’s knowledge for stronger transparency and accountability of RTI law at the provincial level upon previous work.

AIDB  shifted the programmatic focus to creating an enabling environment for public accountability across the province by raising public awareness for implementation to legislation on right-to-information (RTI). Considering above agenda The Association for Integrated Development Balochistan (AIDB) with the financial support of The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has launched project in Quetta, Balochistan with Stakeholders to share project objectives, create discussion around public awareness about the right to information, and strengthen its implementation for stronger transparency and accountability laws in Balochistan. Moreover, the main concern of AIDB in this project was about ROBs awareness and establishment of commission for RTI. The AIDB also focus on the submission of applications in different department regarding information with the help of PAF members.