Senator Mohammad Talha Mahmood is the founder and Patron of AID Balochistan. Mohammad Talha Mahmood is a very dedicated person he carried out extensive relief work in the remote areas of Balochistan along with the President of Aid Dr. Ishaq Baloch in the area of District Kharan, District Chaghi, and District Kech.
Apart from relief activities have been done by the AID. The AID Balochistan Conducted Series of conferences regarding the economic, social, and federal issues between the federation and federating units.
One of the famous conferences was organized the bye AID Balochistan in 2004 which was presided by Chief Patron Senator Talha Mahmood the conference was attended by Senator Murshid Hassan, Chief Minister Jam Muhammad Yousaf, Former Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch, Senator Shahid Bugti Senator late Habib Jalib, MPA Ruqia Saeed Hashmi The topic was Bridging the Gap how to reduce the issues that prevail between the federation and federating unit in Balochistan under the Constitution and the rights given to Balochistan.